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13-15 June 2024, 7.30pm

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I'm not young enough to know everything

From The Director

Benedict Turvill, Graduate Drama Assistant

J.M. Barrie’s 1902 play The Admirable Crichton is the story of an aristocratic Edwardian family, the Lasenbys of Mayfair, who become shipwrecked on a remote island. Their butler, the eponymous Crichton, soon emerges as the overlord of their tropical society. Our production of this classic satire has truly been a whole Uppingham effort. Over the next two hours, you will see the hard work of lower school actors, technicians, costume designers, make-up artists, and musicians come to fruition on stage.


In directing The Admirable Crichton, I have been extremely lucky to have had the support of colleagues in all areas of school life, and particularly those who work within Uppingham Theatre. Above all, though, I have had the great fortune of having a truly wonderful cast and crew. Each member of this company has demonstrated a degree of maturity and commitment to this production far beyond their years. From the very beginning, before the play was even cast, they showed enormous enthusiasm for the project. They have always been honest with me about their thoughts, and yet they have also consistently proven themselves willing to trust the directorial process.


The pupils before you are among the most talented company of actors, technicians, creatives, and musicians their age that you could find in any school in the country. I hope you enjoy the show!


J.M. Barrie
Ursula McDonnell (Fd 4)

Zac Whearity (WD L5)

Lord Loam
Henry Bramall (F L5)

Lady Mary Lasenby

Anna Jones (NH L5)

Lady Catherine Lasenby

Kate Castle (C L5)

Lady Agatha Lasenby

Serena Reiss (C L5)

The Hon. Ernest Woolley

Hugo Wells (B 4)

Rev. John Treherne

Victor Knight (F L5)


Issy Russell (C L5)

Lord Brocklehurst and Sailor

George Barnard (Fgh 4)

Officer and Tompsett

Henry Clark (B L5)

Fisher and Sailor

Elizabeth Jenkins (Fd L5)

Mrs Perkins and Sailor

Scarlett Wakeford (Sa 4)

Monsieur Fleurie, Lady Brocklehurst and Sailor

Thady Lillingston (LH L5)

Mr Rolleston and Sailor

Seb Cross (LH L5)

Mademoiselle Jeanne and Sailor

Mathilda Garelli (C L5)

Miss Simmons and Sailor

Sophie Kelso (NH L5)

John and Sailor

George Wilding (SH 4)

Thomas and Sailor

Kaspar Taylor (M 4)

Jane and Sailor

Beatrice Braddock (C L5)

Gladys and Sailor

Tiffany Ohomina (NH L5)

Stable Girl and Sailor

Adelya Munzhassarova (NH L5)

No man can fight civilisation and win


Stage Manager

Antony Tsai (Fgh L5)


Deputy Stage Manager

Wilfred Dyter (Hf 4) 


Stage Management
Jerin Chong (NH 4)

Sasha Sherwin (NH 4)


Will Jacques (F 4)

Ada Sung (J 4)


Xander Blake (B L5)

Verity Lilley (Sa 4)


Costume and Make Up
Ewa Akeju (J 4)

Ruby Gordon (Sa L5)

Maya Henry-Sinclair (NH L6)

Gemma Nguyen (Sa L6)

Costume Designers

Sasha Dudakova (J U5)

Lucia Fairfax (J L6)

Beatrice Furnell (Sa U5)

Martha Jones (C L6)

Jemima Woodcock (C U5)

Kailey Wong (Fd U5)


Joaquin Butler (SH 4)
Abigail Lee (J L5)
Alexis Lian (J 4)
William Tu (F L5)
Anne Vinokurov (Sa 4)
Milo White (WB 4)


Set Design

Will Hunter


Sound Design

Stuart Dixon


Lighting Design

Jeremy Goldthorp

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