Frankenstein Review

Over four nights during the first week of March, the Lower School Drama Society took to the stage to perform a chilling version of ‘Frankenstein’.


For those of you unaware, ‘Frankenstein’ tells the story of the Creature who is cast out by his bewildered and horror-struck maker.  Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless creature determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.


Mary Shelley’s classic gothic tale is as legendary as the characters within and Director James Holroyd’s aim was to create an immersive piece of theatre, in which the audience were drawn into the Creature’s journey. The cast and crew certainly achieved this.


Beginning the production in the foyer of the Theatre was an unusual move that the audience were not expecting, but it allowed them to immediately connect with the Creature and his story.


From that moment onwards, the audience were enthralled and by the end, some even emotional as an exceptional cast acted well beyond their years and tackled an array of difficult subjects with ease.


The entire cast were brilliant and professional, but special note must be made towards George Erith (F) who portrayed the Creature with such skill and certainly brought the Creature to life. Whilst Paddy Hunt (F) executed the torment and confusion of Victor Frankenstein with great emotion and Annie Smith (J) acted alongside both with maturity and skill.


The set combined with the sound and visual effects all added to the overall effect and the Production team had clearly worked hard backstage to ensure that the performance ran smoothly and without issue.


Overall, the audience were pleasantly surprised at just how professionally ‘Frankenstein’ was acted and conducted, given the young age of all involved - congratulations to all the cast and crew.