Carrie's War Review

This year, Carrie’s War was performed as the Lower School Speech Day play by a company of talented pupils.

The play follows the story of two evacuees in WW2, Carrie Willow (Millicent Felix) and her brother Nick (Emre Thomson), who are sent to live in Wales with Mr Evans (Finn Cooper) and his gentle sister ‘Auntie Lou’ (Molly Fordham). Much of their time is filled with visits to Druid’s Bottom, a country house where another evacuee, Albert Sandwich (Finlay Hamilton) lives with Mr Evans' other sister, the dying Mrs Gotobed (Jemima Rook), her disabled cousin, Mr Johnny Gotobed (William Playle-de-Vries) and her housekeeper, Hepzibah Green (Emily Ind), who is reputed to be a wise woman.

All of those involved both on and off stage clearly worked hard to produce a play that had class, skill, and energy, making it a joy to watch. The play was well-acted with the young pupils bringing great maturity to their performances.

Millicent and Emre gave two knockout performances in the lead roles. Their strong sibling bond came through every scene, whilst their innocence and youthfulness reminded many in the audience of their younger years.

The supporting cast and wider ensemble added great energy to the production. Their skills combined with the staging and technical effects helped to move the narrative forward, communicate the different moods within the story - in particular the eerie and haunting air that encompassed Druid’s Bottom and nestled within Druid’s Grove.

A central revolving stage, used throughout the production, enabled heart-warming moments to juxtapose the scenes of hardship. The complex staging was handled seamlessly by the crew in a professional manner enabling the production to flow effortlessly. This Speech Day production was a treat and congratulations to all involved.